Expert Skate Sharpening

We've been Rochester's trusted skate sharpening experts for over 43 years!

Don't loose an edge on the ice, bring your skates in and we will sharpen them while you wait.

Discount bulk sharpening cards available (Makes a great gift!)

Initial skate sharpening is free with the purchase of any pair of skates.

Skate Baking / Thermal Fit

Most all hockey skates have the ability to be heat molded for a more custom fit to the player's foot.

Skates are heated in our specialized skate oven and then form fitted to your feet by our staff. This helps reduce the "break-in" time associated with buying skates, as well as provide an excellent foot lock in the boot. Thermal Fit is free when you purchase any pair of skates from us.

Skate Repair

A lot of hockey players are hard on their skates. We offer steel replacement, eyelet repair, rivets and copper replacement, blade holders and more to get your skates back in top shape.

Baseball Glove Re-Lacing

Bring in your old glove for a tune-up. We can replace leathers on most gloves.

Lacrosse Head Re-Stringing

We offer repair and restringing services  for Men and Women's lacrosse heads.